General questions about SSP

What are the license and usage conditions for the SSP standard?

Access and use of the SSP standard is free of charge. However, vendors may charge for their tools to support the SSP standard.

To be clear: While the SSP standard is open and free, commercial implementations might not be.

I'm a modeler and want to use SSP in my simulation tool

How can I get a first overview on SSP?

Please have a look at the literature page, especially on the overview talks/slides from the 1st Japanese Modelica Conference and the 12th International Modelica Conference.

Does my simulation tool support SSP?

Please see the SSP tools page for a list of tools where tool vendors have announced support of SSP.

Where can I get help when I have problems related to SSP in my simulation tool?

  • Typically an exporting and an importing tool are involved in SSP-based simulation. So if problems occur and if it is not obvious which tool causes the problem, you should communicate the problem to the support team of both involved tools.